best house cleaning services Calgary
best house cleaning services Calgary
best house cleaning services Calgary


Since its inception to date, we have kept to our basics of proferring high-quality house cleaning services as well as exceptional client service to save Calgarians’ a ton of time and hassles.

“The maids in Black” was born out of the need to make life easy for residents of Calgary and its surrounding areas. Our team is made up of friendly and professional people with a strong work ethic who are ready to get the job done in a timely fashion.


We perceived that there were a modest bunch of house cleaners in Calgary and Alberta as a whole that either gave top-notch cleaning at premium costs, simple and opportune web-based booking, dependable home cleaning administrations, straightforward evaluating, or a real degree of care for local people however never a mix of all these.


At the maids in black, we recognize that these are necessities and decided to establish our local service to address this and give the most significant level of house cleaning service in Calgary that is workable for you. We remain amongst the top-rated house cleaning services in Calgary with a spotless reputation!


  • Provide high quality and best-managed cleaning services in Calgary
  • Focus on the safety of both our clients and employees
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Assume full responsibilities of every aspect of the cleaning services of properties entrusted to our care.

Superior Local Cleaning Service

At the maids in back cleaning services in Calgary – We relish seeing your home change from a residue-covered home to one that shimmers indeed. What’s more, we love seeing your responses as well! Your time can be better utilized as our expert house cleaners productively tackle the intense stains and effectively clean your home. We’ve made the booking and cleaning your place basic and dependable conveying genuine outcomes by:

  • Giving customers the ultimate control and flexibility rather than locking you into some sort of long-term contract.
  • Providing customers with unlimited channels for real-time and seamless communication.
  • providing you with easy payments channels for your home cleaning after the job is well executed.
  • Transparent and affordable pricing.
  • Cutting down the extended quote wait time and providing you with instant online booking.

Cleaning Built to a Secured Foundation

We are fully insured so you are always safe. Our team members are all personally interviewed and background checks before stepping foot on any client property.

200% Money-Back Guaranteed

If we have not performed the task to your complete satisfaction, we will come out and re-clean. If you still don’t think we did a good enough job to recommend us to your friends, we’ll refund your money.

Features of the Best House Cleaning Services Calgary

Features of the Best House Cleaning Services Calgary

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary

Picking a remarkable business tidying association to stay aware of your design is a test. How might you understand an association will perform well? Which isolates a business cleaning association from its opponents?

Accepting you put away the work to represent the right requests, you can choose if the association you utilize is just normal rather than stupendous. Here are the super nine qualities that mark a truly exceptional business cleaning association.

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #1: Experienced

A natural business cleaning association won’t have the data vital to fittingly clean your construction. As you search for the right association, don’t just look at the number of years they’ve been carrying on with work—see whether they’ve any time cleaned for a client in your industry. On the off chance that, for instance, your construction is a bank, make sure to get some data about their experience cleaning various banks. Do they understand the intricacies that are related to cleaning a financial foundation? An uncommon cleaning association will really need to address your requests.

best House Cleaning Services Calgary #2: Professionalism

Exactly when we imply a business cleaning association’s cleaned expertise, we’re not only discussing their demeanor. Is most would agree that they collaborate with capable affiliations and affiliations? Do they have insistences, similar to ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)?

Any remarkable business cleaning association will take the necessary steps to gain these insistences, and they’ll advance the endeavor to join the five-star capable affiliations and affiliations, ensuring that they’re up to date in regards to the latest business upgrades.

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #3: Consistency

Consistency is the indication of a fantastic business cleaning association. Have they been working with comparative clients for a seriously long time? Expecting the reaction is valid, that is a respectable pointer that the association is consistent and reliable.

Right when you enlist a cleaning association, you should trust them to play out the essential task at a comparable level of significant worth each time they’re in the design. In any case in which people from the gathering are cleaning your construction, the result should perpetually be something practically the same.

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #4: Reputability

An exceptional business cleaning association should have the choice to convey references from happy clients, whether or not they’ve served them beforehand or are at present working with them. Regardless the references introduced by the association, do your own investigation. The methodology of review objections, for instance, Yelp similarly as the overview remember for Google improves on it to see who’s communicating the thing may be said about any association y0u’re contemplating utilizing to clean your design. You’ll get an all out picture of the association’s standing when the reviews aren’t gated by the genuine association.

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #5: Organized

When you meet with a potential cleaning association, how’s their show? Do they have every one of the reserves of being composed—both in their attitude and the things that they use in their appearance? Is their vehicle immaculate and reliable? These components address the association’s affiliation.

You truly need to understand that your cleaning association will really need to reliably rearrange a number of clients consistently, observing each business’ particular prerequisites. An association that is effective can do this without reconsidering.

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #6: Well-Equipped

Another point you truly need to consider is the stuff the cleaning association has access to its. Is it valid or not that they are working the stripped-down equipment, or do they have the top-tier gear you truly need to ensure that your construction is cleaned properly? Present requests about unequivocal stuff that you know are expected to keep your business immaculate and clean. If they don’t have it, or more lamentable, don’t have even the remotest clue what you’re talking about, you need to continue searching for another cleaning association.

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #7: Fairly Priced

We’ve all heard the cliché, “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to business cleaning, this recognizable maxim is uncommonly material. The association with the most economical expense probably won’t keep their business above water, basically considering the way that they’re not ready to make an addition. Right when they’re not ready to pay quality workers the compensation they merit, they’ll be constrained to enroll less moved workers who aren’t true to form ready. (Undoubtedly, they won’t have the choice to remain to set up their gathering in the latest advancements in the field.)

In light of everything, y0u shouldn’t rapidly choose the most expensive cleaning association. Taking everything into account, look at the associations whose costs fall some spot in the middle—not extremely high, but not exceptionally low. This is your opportunity to play Goldilocks—notice the worth that is “great.”

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #8: Secure and Confidential

Expecting that you can’t completely accept that a cleaning association’s delegates to work in your construction with oversight, the association isn’t the right one for you. Ask any cleaning association you want to select expecting they lead chronicled confirmations and medicine testing on their delegates. Expecting the reaction is no, keep on looking.

Furthermore, get some data about their methodology related to managing keys and key cards. Who is given permission to the design, and how might they sort out who is equipped for that entry? An astounding affiliation should have arranged answers for these requests.

Best House Cleaning Services Calgary #9: Bonded and Insured

Notwithstanding how mindfully you vet a cleaning association, setbacks happen. Uncommon business cleaning associations will be totally sustained and defended, and they’ll bring the choice to the table for you proof of their extraordinary general danger insurance.

Numerous associations pass on additional insurance courses of action, growing their consideration in the event of a setback or should a client’s property vanish. Ask any association you consider accepting that they’re covered by additional insurance, and given that this is valid, what kind of technique?

The housekeepers in dark cleaning Services Calgary has been the principal provider of cleaning organizations in Calgary for years. We’re happy to offer firm customer care to our business clients, and we’d love to work with you. Reach out to us today!