The maids in black – maids and cleaning services in Calgary stand out amongst the very best because of our reputation for excellence as well as for the below reasons:


At the maids in black cleaning services in Calgary, we go above and beyond to create a more reliable and trusted experience, knowing that your home is your sanctuary.


At the maids in black maids services in Calgary, we never compromise with quality to accomplish clients’ fulfillment. We provide only the best quality consistently.

Cleaning services Calgary


Insuring & bonding our employees gives you a valuable chance to employ a cleaning  service you can trust..


We are equipped with the latest eco-friendly tools and technology. We use microfibre cloths, antibacterial mops, and various classes of eco-friendly products to curb cross-contamination.


Make use of our appointment form to generate an immediate, and acurate quote for the desired project so you can enjoy your time rather than worry about pricing.


At the maids in black cleaning services in Calgary, we prioritize the following.

Our customers are by far our most valuable assets and our approach is guided by our customers and their cleaning needs. The maids in black strive to provide exceptional cleaning always.

In as much as we focus on our numerous customers and their needs, we also take the environment into consideration. Hence, the use of only eco-friendly products to help sustain our ecosystem.

At the maids in black cleaning services in Calgary our policy is ” if you are satisfied to tell it others, but if you are dissatisfied for the slightest reason please don’t hesitate to communicate to us your grievance “. We will surely make it up to you.


All done flawlessly with a spotless reputation

best house cleaning services Calgary
best house cleaning services Calgary


Meeting & exceeding all safety standards.

Assuming you have found your way here, then we are speculating you are fairly inquisitive as to what we are all about. The maids in black cleaning services in Calgary was set up some years back to assist with tackling two significant & rational issues the majority faces today; an absence of time & a chaotic home.







100% Mobile-friendly. You can seamlessly book on any device & get our professionals to your doorsteps in 3 easy steps.


Easily book via any device and we will reach out to confirm within 24hrs.


We will create a quote that fits your project, budget as well as a comprehensive plan


Smile knowing you have made the perfect decision while we execute!

Cleaning services Calgary
Cleaning services Calgary

Top Qualities of a Cleaning Services Calgary

Cleaning Services Calgary

Picking an extraordinary business cleaning organization to keep up with your structure is a test. How would you realize an organization will perform well? What separates a business cleaning organization from its rivals?

Assuming you set aside the effort to pose the right inquiries, you can decide if the organization you employ is only average rather than grand. Here are the main nine characteristics that mark a really extraordinary business cleaning organization.

Cleaning Services Calgary #1: Experienced

An unpracticed business cleaning organization will not have the information important to appropriately clean your structure. As you look for the right organization, don’t simply check out the number of years they’ve been doing business—see whether they’ve at any point cleaned for a customer in your industry. If, for example, your structure is a bank, make certain to get some information about their experience cleaning different banks. Do they comprehend the complexities that are associated with cleaning a monetary establishment? An extraordinary cleaning organization will actually want to address your inquiries.

Cleaning Services Calgary #2: Professionalism

At the point when we allude to a business cleaning organization’s polished skill, we’re not exclusively talking about their disposition. Is it safe to say that they are partnered with proficient associations and affiliations? Do they have affirmations, like ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)?

Any extraordinary business cleaning organization will do whatever it takes to acquire these affirmations, and they’ll put forth the attempt to join the first class proficient associations and affiliations, guaranteeing that they’re in the know regarding the most recent industry improvements.

Cleaning Services Calgary #3: Consistency

Consistency is the sign of an incredible business cleaning organization. Have they been working with similar customers for quite a long time? Assuming the response is true, that is a decent pointer that the organization is steady and dependable.

At the point when you recruit a cleaning organization, you must can trust them to play out the necessary assignment at a similar degree of value each time they’re in the structure. Notwithstanding which individuals from the group are cleaning your structure, the outcome ought to forever be something very similar.

Cleaning Services Calgary #4: Reputability

An extraordinary business cleaning organization ought to have the option to deliver references from cheerful customers, regardless of whether they’ve served them previously or are at present working with them. Notwithstanding the references presented by the organization, do your own exploration. The approach of audit destinations, for example, Yelp just as the survey include on Google simplifies it to see who’s expressing what might be said about any organization y0u’re thinking about employing to clean your structure. You’ll get a total image of the organization’s standing when the audits aren’t gated by the actual organization.

Cleaning Services Calgary #5: Organized

When you meet with a potential cleaning organization, how’s their show? Do they have all the earmarks of being coordinated—both in their disposition and the things that they use in their showing? Is their vehicle spotless and dependable? These elements address the organization’s association.

You really want to realize that your cleaning organization will actually want to consistently shuffle a number customers every day, monitoring every business’ specific requirements. An organization that is efficient can do this without thinking twice.

Cleaning Services Calgary #6: Well-Equipped

Another angle you really want to consider is the gear the cleaning organization has available to its. Is it true or not that they are working the stripped down hardware, or do they have the best in class gear you really want to guarantee that your structure is cleaned appropriately? Pose inquiries about explicit gear that you know is needed to keep your business spotless and clean. In the event that they don’t have it, or more regrettable, don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re discussing, you want to keep looking for another cleaning organization.

Cleaning Services Calgary #7: Fairly Priced

We’ve all heard the platitude, “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to business cleaning, this familiar proverb is exceptionally applicable. The organization with the least expensive cost likely won’t keep their business above water, essentially in light of the fact that they’re not able to create a gain. At the point when they’re not able to pay quality laborers the pay they merit, they’ll be compelled to enlist less propelled laborers who aren’t as expected prepared. (So far as that is concerned, they will not have the option to stand to prepare their group in the most recent developments in the field.)

All things considered, y0u shouldn’t quickly select the most costly cleaning organization. All things being equal, check out the organizations whose costs fall some place in the center—not very high, however not very low. This is your chance to play Goldilocks—observe the value that is “perfect.”

Cleaning Services Calgary #8: Secure and Confidential

Assuming that you can’t believe a cleaning organization’s representatives to work in your structure with oversight, the organization isn’t the right one for you. Ask any cleaning organization you desire to recruit assuming they lead historical verifications and medication testing on their representatives. Assuming the response is no, continue to look.

Additionally, get some information about their approach identified with overseeing keys and key cards. Who is given admittance to the structure, and how would they figure out who is qualified for that entrance? An excellent association ought to have prepared solutions to these inquiries.

Cleaning Services Calgary #9: Bonded and Insured

Regardless of how cautiously you vet a cleaning organization, mishaps occur. Extraordinary business cleaning organizations will be completely fortified and safeguarded, and they’ll have the option to offer you evidence of their exceptional general risk protection.

Many organizations convey extra protection arrangements, expanding their inclusion in case of a mishap or should a customer’s property disappear. Ask any organization you consider assuming they’re covered by extra protection, and provided that this is true, what sort of strategy?

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